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The Ruination Presents Michael Potter, Jacob Sunderland and Merriam-Webster (Music at ESP)

The Ruination is proud to present, Michael Potter and Jacob Sunderlin of Null Zone Tapes, a wonderful experimental label from Athens. We will have Merriam-Webster opening the night, led by Dan Carey Bailey (faun and a pan flute, Visitors). Michael has toured the southeast extensively to bring his awesome music to the people and we always enjoy a chance to support. He will have amazing tapes for sale and you should buy them!!!

"Built on a caressing swirl of looped guitars and and echoing chords, “Crickets, Cicadas, Fireflies” is warm and radiant like the final vestiges of a setting sun. There’s an aura of melancholy lurking there as well, a kind of autumnal glow that speaks to the second half of the LP’s title ('End of Summer Music'), which presumably refers to Potter’s portion of the record. Constantly shifting in gradual, subtle evolutions, the track lacks a rhythmic core, choosing instead to float across your speakers in a meditative mist. If there were a soundtrack to losing yourself and staring into the distance, this would almost certainly be on it." - Guillermo Castro, Immersive Atlanta