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Twin Criminal-Featuring: Trevor Flanders, Danny Paschall, Daniel Friedman

On right after the "Candy Box Revue" show. (10:30p-11p) Band members: Trevor Flanders, Danny Paschall, Daniel Friedman. 

According to Flanders, that aesthetic shift is part personal writing style and partly born of necessity. Without the means to experiment in a rehearsal setting, his songwriting became more focused and concise, chiseling out any elements found to be extraneous. Flanders notes: “I opted to write and perform the record myself and then find musicians for the band as opposed to finding people and then writing together. So instead of the subtleties of Cloudeater, this record has a much more straightforward approach. It was just demo demo demo, then go in and cut the parts. I like the way it turned out.”  To help flesh out his live sound and to breathe greater depth into future songs, Flanders recruited his former Cloudeater bandmate Daniel Friedman to play guitar and Danny Paschall to handle the drums. The trio have been writing together for some time now and a second record is said to be nearing completion. There are plans to tour, and Flanders hopes to make the band a prominent addition to the Atlanta music scene in 2016. But for now, the focus in on the music. “Twin Criminal is my main squeeze,” he affirms, “and I’m very much looking forward to cutting the next record with those boys.”