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Atlanta Photography Guild Meetup - `A Constant Vintage'

It is our April Anniversary meet-up once again! To celebrate, we travel back in time and back to Elliot Street Pub where it all began 11 years ago! In this months meet up we will focus on constant lighting techniques. With the help of models in vintage attire our goal is to help achieve the look of the old film days.

A long going debate that many photographers have is whether or not they should work with constant lighting or flash. They are both used by professional photographers often, and they’re both capable of delivering beautiful images. Those who prefer the more cinematic look tend to love what constant light can deliver. By shooting with continuous studio lights photographers can enjoy the benefits of both studio strobe control and natural light aesthetics. To achieve the look of the the old vintage style film days, it has everything to do with color, saturation, and color balance.

Vintage! This will be a theme for us in the Atlanta Photographers Guild this month. Join us on this journey and let's create great images together. The APG meet-up brings photographers and models together for a fun evening of collaboration. We supply everything you need except a camera. $20 to shoot. $0 to hang out. And always remember to tip the models.