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Ede Wright Jazz (Castleberry Hill Art Stroll - Music AT ESP)

Guitarist, composer, producer, songwriter, Ede Wright has become the first call session guitarist for top producers in the Atlanta music scene, including Dent, Phil Tan, Shek’spear, Avery Johnson, Travon Potts and Shaggy. His ability to move in and out of virtually any musical style from Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Country, Rock, Latin or Asian has made him the ‘go-to-guy’ for a broadening range of innovative and influential artists.

Ede toured with Master Afro-Cuban Percussionist, Gumbi Ortiz with whom he made his first CD, The Gumbi Band, “Imagine That”. “Playing with Gumbi changed me because it was my first opportunity to play with a master level musician. Gumbi played with Chic Corea, Al DiMieola and Miles Davis. After meeting and working with him I completely devoted my life to music.