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The Return of the Indie Revenge (LIVE MUSIC AT ELLIOTT STREET!)

They're Baaaaack ... Once upon time in a faraway land at corner of Marietta and Ivan Allen, there was a mystical benefactor that went by the name of ENDENU. This entity sponsored music much like that of the European salons of 17th,18th, and 19th centuries. In this bastion of art, musicians were allowed to play and develop their art without the constraints of volume or taste. Out of this culture grew a band. The name of that band is THE INDIE REVENGE. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.... We don't know how to classify it...but if you did you would use words such as Rock, Groove, Soul, Effects, Samples, Ambient, Improvisational etc...

Band members: Kevin Scott, Akeem Marable, Che Marshall, Jacob Deaton.

Bring yourself and tell someone! The New Record #blacklisted IS NOW AVAILABLE!