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Burning Man Fundraiser! Art of Such & Such presents: Charlie's Red Hot C&*K fundraiser for Charlie "Black"Smith's The Walking Bird Dog

WHAT IT IS ? = The Waking Bird Dog" AKA "Uncle Charlie's Red Hot Cock" is a large scale steel and stainless steel jackal headed rooster teeter totter that burns wood. The sculpture is being created in Atlanta, Ga. at Sparseland Studios “Charlie Blackcat Smith's art studio." the awesome and super lucky Participants will literally ride the ride it is a 10' wide x 30' long x 25' tall flaming teeter totter! This highly interactive, community-built mechanical wood fired cauldron is seeking financial contributions to help this project come to life & make the journey from Atlanta, GA. to Black rock City Nevada 6000 mile round trip! It's a long long way to go!

"The Waking Bird Dog" AKA "Uncle Charlie's Red Hot Cock" is a large scale steel and stainless steel jackal headed rooster teeter totter that burns wood. This interactive community built and operated mechanical wood fired cauldrons foot print is 12' wide x 30' long x 25' tall. So, In the distance the sun rising a cacophony of noise rings from beyond. clankity clankity screech rumble rumble, sounds of laughter, screams of joy- complete chaos! as you near the crowd opens and you see the contraption A giant metallic jackal headed rooster glowing red hot as it howls fire rocking to and fro across the sunrise smoke n flame belching from its beaklike jowls and mohawk toped head. someone screams ROCK THE COCK! as two large groups of participants start rocking the gigantic teeter totter! the sun rises as The shadows paint dynamic patterns on the ground as it rocks to a fro waking the day for all who is in its midst warming the participants and creating a congregational space for all to share!.

PRE SALE ENDS AT 12 pm on SAT 7/28! BUY NOW!
$20 ADVANCE sale through brown paper tickets ($21.69 w/ bpt fee)
$30 door sales night of event CASH ONLY night of event. ATM on site.

For dancing beats to keep your booty shaking!
Sid Reflux
Nicodemus Roth

Also Live Music from:
Bird City Revolutionaries
Neon Buffalo

Artist Charlie Blackcat Smith is having a fundraising throw down at one of his favorite local hang outs! The Elliot St. Pub in Castleberry hill, Atlanta, Ga.

Uncle Charlie Wants You! To come out n celebrate with us so we can Strut our stuff on Playa! HELP us ROCK THE COCK! We need lots a dollar bills!

this is gonna be a celebration and one heck of an artistic night of good times ! come check out Charlie Blackcat Smith's latest project: !

make a donation by purchasing a ticket n tell or bring friends in to help make this cock rock!

cool music dJ's performances and Bad Ass Art..

check out our video

can't make it donate to the cause anyway!

come witness!
Pickle Back mountain!
Cock fights
Chicken shit bingo
raffles with kick-ass gifts
door prizes
good times