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Ian Newberry Band (Pre and Post Game show before the Campeones Cup Match)

Ian Newberry plays guitar in The 200s and serves as a sideman for a few other bands in the local Atlanta and surrounding music scene: Diamond Street Players, Lauren Morrow, Lighting Orchestra, Volcano, and Smokey’s Farmland Band, to name a few.  He also maintains a few of his own projects: Newberry Jam (an original instrumental funk collaboration / project with drummer Radley Fricker) and Iceworm (instrumental arrangements of mostly funk vocal songs with guitarist Chris Holland). 

You may also catch him driving classic cars, chauffeuring newlyweds with his business, “Heritage Classic Cars.”  He also maintains an Airbnb in East Atlanta Village, an eclectic, artistic neighborhood in Atlanta that hosts some small hips(ter) venues and dive bars, and he will be glad to come by and make a cup of coffee with you if you decide to stay!