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All the V Words and the Guetto Blasters for Art STROLL!!

What do you get when you add a Livid kitten, a chant, a drug czar to some angry pudding and the ruins?
All the V words
What’s Vivid Rock?
It’s a Vexing, Vociferous Vortex of music- influenced by Velvet, Vinyl and Vulvas

All the V words is the latest in a long line of exciting rock bands from South Florida. The band benefits from past experience in in the realm of gothic alternative (the Livid Kittens), alternative jerk-rock (Trapped by Mormons), rootsy alternative (the Chant, Stan Still Dance Band), prehistoric punk (Roach Motel, Morbid Opera), grumpy punk (Drug Czars, Angry Pudding, the Low Hanging Fruits), hardcore punk (the Ruins, Ten Paces). These influences, together with a more psychedelic song-oriented approach, present the listener with a vivid experience. The band formed in 2017 and recorded one song for a compilation. With new members, the band expects to return to the studio in the summer of 2018 to record their debut EP

Then you throw in some of Chattanooga’s Punk Rock Band the Guetto Blasters!!! And we are gonna have one Hell of an Art Stroll!!

No Furnace lighting this month but we will surely have some Artists out to show and SELL their wares!! Come and Join us for the Castleberry hill Art Stroll!!